Top 10 Travel Makeup Products

Today I’ll be sharing my top 10 travel makeup products! To me, a product that’s great for travel is cheap, small, has good packaging, is versatile, and of course, is an all around amazing product.

I prefer my products to be affordable while traveling because there are so many things that can happen to them. From luggage getting lost to thieves, you don’t want to be carrying $300 worth of makeup on you.

It should be small so it fits in your makeup bag easily, but also so it aligns with airline guidelines and you don’t have to throw anything out for being over the approved three ounces.

Good packaging is a must for any traveling makeup product. That means no glass or big bulky packaging.

Versatility is the main thing I look for in a product. Can I use it for more than one thing? This makes it the ideal product to travel with, and it makes a great time saver during application.

*all photos are from my person makeup collection- excuse the mess*

1.  Glossier Skin Tint

This is the perfect product for a natural makeup lover. It doesn’t add much except for a tiny bit of coverage, and a beautiful glow. I love this product. When you first put it on you may think it didn’t do anything, but then you’ll notice how radiant and even your skin looks.

My favorite way to apply it is with my fingers for better coverage, and then dabbing it out with a Beauty Blender to make sure it’s perfect.

The bottle is only 1 oz which makes it perfect for flying, and the dispenser makes it super easy for application no matter where you are. I’ve traveled with Skin Tint for years and I’ve never had a problem with any spilling.

2. Loreal Brow Stylist Boost and Set

As somebody with a lot of eyebrows, this product is the first one that’s really done the trick. I used to be a loyal lover of Glossier Boy Brow- Brow Stylist does the same thing, but better in my opinion.

It sets my brows for the entire day while also adding color. It fills them in enough for me to use this product alone, which is pretty rare in a brow comb-through style item!

It’s perfect for travel because it’s the only thing you need to have a good brow day- everyday.

3. Loreal Lash Paradise

It’s hard to say anything about this mascara other than simply, “it’s the best.” It has a amazing staying power, doesn’t smudge, and makes your lashes look fuller and longer. It’s everything you could want out of a mascara!

It’s perfect for travel because it never fails. If you’re on a trip you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not your makeup is going to hold up- and with Lash Paradise you don’t have to.

4. NYX Lip Liner

This lip liner is definitely the best you can get, especially for the price. It stays on for hours, so while you’re out and about exploring you won’t have to worry about reapplying. It also doesn’t do any funky bleeding or settling into lines.

They have a ton of colors to choose from, and since it’s only a couple bucks I’ve stocked up so I always have options.

5. Wet n Wild Photofocus Rose Base

I, like most people, love rose water. There are a ton of variations of rose water sprays, and this one is my favorite. It can be used as a base, a setting spray, and an all over refresher even when you’re not wearing makeup. This makes it ideal for traveling because it’s three products in one.

I spritz it a few times before and after my makeup and I’ve definitely noticed a difference in longevity- and of course, it’s also super affordable. A spray also helps take away any powdery residue that may be sitting on your face.

6. Milani Eyeshadow Palette

This is easily the best eyeshadow palette I’ve used recently- and not just from the drugstore. This palette can hold its own against even upscale brand products. I got mine in the shade Pure Passion, and it’s everything I need in a palette. I can create a light or dramatic look without issue.

It’s perfect for traveling because you don’t need to bring along any other bulky palettes or single eyeshadows.

The pigmentation and staying power can’t be beat, and they have a few different options for shades in case you prefer different tones than my warm one.

7. Real Techniques Travel Brush Set

You definitely need at least a few brushes while traveling, so a mini set works best. They don’t take up a ton of room which make them great for traveling. The Real Techniques set comes with everything you need for your whole face and eyes. They are also amazing quality. I’ve had these for years and never experienced any shedding or streakiness.

8. Glossier Cloud Paint

This is a very versatile product that can be used pretty much anywhere on your face. They make colors for blushes and bronzers- I have every single one, and they are all amazing.

I just dab a tiny bit onto the end of my wet beauty blender and tap it around the perimeter of my face, on my cheeks, and even my nose depending which color I’m using. The bottle is tiny and flexible which makes it perfect for traveling- it will fit in any bag.

They are also super quick and easy; they blend like butter, so they don’t take a lot of thought or effort to put on. I’ve even used them without a mirror!

9. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

This concealer is one of the best on the market, and my favorite part- it only costs five bucks. I’ve traveled with this product for years and I’ve never had a problem with the packaging.

It can be used sparingly for a very natural look, or layered on for a full-coverage affect. It also works perfectly with no powder or any other products. In my opinion, a lot of concealers have to be set with powder to last, but that’s not the case for this one.

Maybelline has a huge color selection so you can find your perfect match. That makes it much easier to wear alone on your natural skin- without feeling like you need a full foundation underneath. It’s perfect by itself for a “no makeup-makeup look,” or on top of other products to complete a full-face, more dramatic look.

10. E.L.F Highlighter

These highlighters are totally underrated. They are only a few dollars, but they pack a big punch. You can use them dry for a more natural application, or you can use them wet if you want a much more pigmented and bright look. This makes it perfect for traveling because you get two types of highlighters in one!

My favorite shade is Moonlight Pearls, but they have a good selection of colors to choose from. They also make bronzers and blushes in this same formula- they’re all good! The packaging works decently for travel, but since they cost a few bucks it’s not a huge loss if something happens to them.


So there it is- the best makeup products for traveling! I hope this list comes in handy on your next trip. Let me know if you already use and love any of these products, or if you try them out!

Love, Shaaylo


  1. I’ve been desperate to try the Milani palettes as I’ve heard so many good things about them! Thank you so much for this post, it’s so useful! We are travelling in September and I hate packing makeup as I always end up over packing and taking something that ends up breaking or leaking!! Definitely taking your tips on board!

  2. Ooh, I’ve seen and heard so much on Glossier’s Cloud Paint, I need to get my hands on some! I love a good, double-duty capable product- and even better if it’s travel friendly 🙂

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