12 Blog Post Ideas for a Trip

During and after a trip is the best time to create amazing, informative content for your blog. If you’re currently on, or will be going on a trip soon- now is the perfect time to start planning out your posts.

Here are a few ideas on posts you can make from just one destination! If you go on a trip where you visit multiple places, you can write these posts for each location. That’s a ton of blog content!

I hope this helps inspire you to keep making incredible posts for all of us travel-lovers!

1. Top # Free Things To Do In ______________

Simple fact: everybody loves free stuff. It’s also an easy post to prepare because your research is easy to obtain. It’s hard to write a post on every great hotel in the area because you can’t stay at all of them- unless you want to break the bank. By researching, and doing, all the free things in the area, you’ll have amazing content, a fabulous trip, and money left in your wallet afterwards.

2. What I Ate In _______________

Another thing everybody loves- food. This is an awesome post idea because you have to eat; you’re going to be doing it anyways, so why not write about it! This is especially fun if you find interesting or local things to eat, and remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Travelers love to know cheap but yummy places to eat.

3. Ultimate Guide to __________________

This is the post where you can recount your entire trip. Where to stay, places to go, where to eat, what to know before you go- anything you can think of will fit into this category. This is also a great place to write about any negative aspects you may have encountered as well since it is an all inclusive guide.

4. First Timers Guide to _________________

Most bloggers like to include very unique trip ideas- which is great- but a lot of travelers want to do the touristy things! It’s nice to have a guide for those people that plan to do all of the staple, classic things that a destination has to offer. You can include prices, how to get there, what you can’t miss, and so much more.

5. Photo Diary: ____________

As a blogger, you probably take a ton of photos on trips. It’s hard to include all of them in a regular, word-based blog post because you don’t want to overpower the post. If you create a specific post for a photo diary, you’ll have a place for all of your best shots. It’s a great option for readers who, well, don’t really feel like reading! You can add simple, short captions that explain the photo.

6. __________ Checklist

This is a super easy, but effective post. A checklist of everything you should do in a place. This is basically a condensed, bullet-point version of your “Ultimate Guide.” It will, naturally, be a lot shorter, so this is perfect for the reader that doesn’t have a lot of time but still wants a ton of information. This is also the perfect tool to print out and take with you on a trip!

7. __________ Itinerary Hour by Hour

This is a really fun one to write and do. I usually pick one day during a trip where I can create the “ideal” itinerary. I try to squeeze in as many can’t-miss items as possible. Then, you can create an hour by hour itinerary of everything you did during the day with a ton of detail and photos!

8. Things To Do Off the Beaten Path in ____________

This post is one that may take a little research. You want to find as many things to do that people normally wouldn’t think of. A great tool for this is asking locals! They can tell you the best things to do in the area that you may not be able to find on the internet. Posts with original, new content are very valuable for your blog.

9. Interesting Facts about ______________

This is a great one for readers who love to learn- which is most people! You can do a top # list or format it however you prefer. This is another one that is great to ask locals about, just make sure you fact check.

10. Interview with a Local in _______________

This one is fun if you love talking to new people. A great place to start is at your hotel or a restaurant to find people that live in the area. Make sure it’s somebody who has lived there for a while and can give you good, factual intel.

11. Local Recipes in _____________/ How to make _____________

This one is perfect for a foodie. Maybe using the same person you interview, you can ask them how to make a traditional dish from the area. This way your post can be centered around travel, culture, and food!

12. Pros and Cons of ___________

We don’t love talking about negative things on our blogs all the time, so a pros and cons list is perfect because it balances the bad with the good. Make a list of the best and worst things to do, eat, go, etc.

There you have it!

These are just 12 of the countless number of topics you can write about from a trip. If you utilize any of these ideas comment down below- I’d love to read them!

Love, Shaaylo

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