A Day in San Francisco

I’ve had a weird love/hate thing with San Francisco my whole life. It’s a beautiful city, but the narrow, hill-laden roads, and no lack of interesting humans- it can be a lot.

I’d only really experienced the area once. I’d been a few times but only for concerts, so it doesn’t really count.

My boyfriend’s sister lives in the bay, and we really wanted toitinerary- this is what sparked our trip.

We explored the city on Saturday, and I officially fell in love with San Francisco. We only wandered for one day, but we fit a lot into our itinerary.

Our first stop was at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was awe-inspiring. We thought we’d be visiting some kind of museum because of the name, but it was a beautiful structure that looked like it could’ve been pulled from Athens. It boasted decorative columns, and the main attraction- a giant dome right in the center. It was surrounded by a lake encompassed with incredible plants where we saw swans, turtles, and a boat load of pigeons.

If you’re into architecture, or just into really amazing landmarks, it’s definitely worth a visit.

It was constructed way back in 1915; it was designed by Bernard Maybeck who did indeed credit Roman and Greek architecture for his inspiration.

He wanted it to look like some sort of ancient ruins, but of course, no olden-days jousting occurred in San Francisco.

Our next stop was Sausalito, California. It’s only a few miles North of San Francisco. With a population of just above 7,000, it’s a small town but a huge tourist attraction- and for good reason. It’s chock-full of yachts which gives it a very upscale feel. There are also a ton of homes easily worth millions- that helped add to the bougieness factor.

We walked through the town and tried to get a feel for it. We stopped into some kitsch gift shops as everyone does. Then, I forced everyone to go into one of the very many sweets shops the town was ridden with. I got some chocolate truffles that were all equally amazing. The town is known for its fudge and chocolate- they didn’t disappoint.

We ate at a restaurant called Napa Valley Burger Co. It has quite a wait outside which only insinuated to us that it must be good. I got a burger with guacamole and pico de gallo- yes, it was delicious as it sounds.

After eating, we hopped back into the car and made our way to Haight and Ashbury. It’s a district of San Francisco that is right up my alley. It’s full of tie-dye, street art, and eclectic thrift shops. We went into a few of them, and I was in heaven. They had authentic outfits from nearly every era. It was so fun to sift through pieces of history and imagine all that these outfits had seen.

Our last stop of the day was the Painted Ladies- most famously known for having the “Full House House.” I’d somehow never seen them before, and they were adorable. It was a staple, touristy thing to do in the city, but totally worth stopping by.

It was super windy, so we didn’t stay long. We were also getting tired after a huge day of exploration, so back in the car we went.

My favorite part of the trip was probably driving around. San Francisco has very interesting architecture and some of the cutest houses I’ve ever seen. Pink ones, black ones, rustic ones, modern ones- truly anything you can imagine.

We also got to drive across the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. One of the reasons I love traveling is because I love thinking about the history of these places and everyone that has been over these bridges before me.

We stopped for some sushi and headed back home- exhausted.

I definitely want to go back soon. San Francisco has so much to offer, especially for a little hippie-at-heart like myself.

If you’ve been to San Fran before, let me know what your favorite things to do there are!

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